26 May, 2022

Instant Data Scraper v1.0.7 released

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Today we are releasing an update to our Instant Data Scraper. Version 1.0.7 has the following improvements:

  • Performance improvement for websites with large HTML structure (Google Maps for example).
  • Improved “Next” page button behaviour.
  • Migrated to manifest version 3 and manifest version 2 will be phased out by Google soon.

We are also working on some other features for Instant Data, they will be released in the near future!

18 Dec, 2020

Instant Data Scraper is now available on Micorosoft Edge

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We received an invitation from Microsoft to publish our Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge webstore. Microsoft Edge browser is Chrome bases, so porting extensions to it should be easy. Actually it was even easier than expected – Edge’s developer dashboard accepted exact same zip file as we use for Chrome webstore. Extension just works without any changes.

Anyone can download Instant Data for Microsoft Edge here.

17 Dec, 2019

Instant Data Scraper Update

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In October and November of this year we decided to survey Instant Data Scraper extension users to see where Web Robots team should focus for the next update. We already had some ideas from user emails that we received over last couple years, but we needed a more scientific proof to see which features would be most desired. Among features we consider things like infinite scroll support, running jobs on cloud, processing batches of URLs, proxy support, etc.

Before the end of the survey it became clear that infinite scroll support is by far most desired feature and decided to release it as soon as possible. One December 11th we published a 0.2.0 version to Chrome Webstore. Enjoy it!

Other features […]