We have a scraper robot which crawls all Kickstarter projects and collects data in CSV and JSON formats. From March 2016 we run this data crawl once a month. Datasets are available from the following scrape dates:










2015 and older

Note: from April 2015 we noticed that Kickstarter started limiting how many projects user can view in a single category. This limits the amount of historic projects we can get in a single scrape run. But recent and active projects are always included.

Note: from December 2015 we modified the collection approach to go through all sub-categories instead of only top level categories. This yields more results in the datasets, but possible duplication where projects are listed in multiple categories. Also from December 2015 JSON file is in JSON streaming format. Read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON_Streaming

We receive many question about timestamp format used in this dataset. It is unix time. Google has a lot of information about it.

Warning: files are compressed, size in area of 100mb. Uncompressed size around 600mb.

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