Reports is a feature for paid users that helps manage your projects by tracking scheduled robots and the performance of individual developers.

Reports can be found under “Reports” tab on the developer portal top menu, in two possible forms : Series Reports and Developer Performance. Each providing insight into a specific area of your web scraping service.

Series Report

The primary function of Series Report is to help track the data quality of scheduled robots over a period of time.  The user selects the schedule frequency of the robots that need to be inspected, the start and end date for the data collection interval, and is presented with a table containing the status of each robot in this schedule on a given date. Only those robots that are missing at least one good run in the selected interval are presented, however there is an option to raise the threshold to any larger number, with a maximum of 10. In that case only robots that are missing the defined amount of good runs or more are displayed in the table. This helps to identify problematic robots or gaps in good data, which otherwise becomes an increasingly difficult task with a growing number of scheduled robots.

Series Report options selection menu:

Example Series Report table:

Developer Performance

This is a useful report if you have a number of developers under your client and want a rough indicator of their performance. The Report features a similar options menu to the Series Report, providing a choice of schedule frequency, start and end dates of the needed time interval. When initiated the Report provides the number of good runs for a single client in the queried time interval, the number of days without good runs, and the percentage values of good and bad runs.

Developer Performance options selection menu: